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Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier is a nationally recognized entrepreneur, performance coach, and speaker.

He got his start in business at 17, helping to create a grocery arbitrage company, ultimately building the company to $1.8 Billion in annual sales by the age of 30.

Starting in 2002, Clothier moved to conquer the real estate investing industry. Since then, the Clothier family run real estate investment company has flipped more than 8,000 single family homes and the company currently manages a portfolio of over 7,500 single family homes in 11 markets.

Kent is also the CEO and Founder of Real Estate Worldwide and The Boardroom Mastermind, a multifaceted software, training, and coaching company, based in La Jolla, California.

With over 53,000 clients, REWW and The Boardroom Mastermind focuses on providing training and services to active real estate entrepreneurs that are looking to “turn their hustle” into a real business through systems, pro-cesses, leverage, and scaling.


Chris Naugle

What if I told you that everything you’ve been taught about money was wrong?I bet that doesn’t sound too far-fetched because I’m sure a part of you has always felt like you’re just not doing it quite right. Your parents, whether directly, or indirectly through their own financial habits, good or bad is where most of your financial literacy comes from. And they learned from those who have come before them.

My name is Chris Naugle, and I grew up poor but there was always something inside me steadfast on changing that for the future of my family to come.

Over the past 20 years I’ve learned what the wealthy do and what they do is as simple as changing 1 thing. 1 thing can change the legacy of an entire family.

Chris Naugle is founder and CEO of The Money School. The Money School teaches you to Be Your Own Bank – which helps you solve your money problem, by putting you back in control of your money.

From pro-snowboarder to money mogul, Chris Naugle has dedicated his life to being America’s #1 Money Mentor. With a core belief that success is built not by the resources you have, but by how resourceful you can be.

His success and national acclaim have come in large part to what he’s learned first-hand from seeking a better way to wealth creation and preservation than he learned growing up.

Chris has built and owned 19 companies, with his businesses being featured in Forbes, ABC, House Hunters, and his very own HGTV pilot in 2018. He is currently founder of The Money School™, which teaches you to be your own bank – which helps you solve your money problem, by putting you back in control of your money.

His success also includes managing tens of millions of dollars in assets in the financial services and advisory industry and in real estate transactions.

As an innovator and visionary in wealth-building and real estate, he empowers entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors with the knowledge of how money works.

Chris is also a nationally recognized speaker, author, and podcast host. He has spoken to and taught over ten thousand Americans delivering the financial knowledge that fuels lasting freedom.


Justin Colby

After graduating from UCLA in 2003 with an English degree, Justin went directly into business for himself. He has never had a W-2 job. In 2005 he got into real estate by co-founding a brokerage in the Northern California area. Quickly he realized that being a realtor was not for him.

In 2007 he got into real estate investing full time. 15 years later, Justin has flipped well over 2000 properties, accumulated millions in rental properties, and is an active investor to this day.

His success in real estate led him to start The Science Of Flipping podcast and education company, where he has coached and mentored over one thousand aspiring and active investors. He is a nationally recognized speaker and is on a mission to impact tens of thousands more on financial literacy through real estate.


Stephen Nagy 

Stephen left his career as a Personal Financial Advisor to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor. 14 years later, he has never looked back. Stephen has spoken on hundreds of stages across the United States and worked with thousands of students over that time. Living in south Florida with his wife and son, Stephen not only talks the talk, but walks the walk every single day, growing his Real Estate businesses and practicing financial strategies like IBC to create a legacy. Alongside Chris Naugle, Stephen is dedicated to helping Money School students learn financial education, how to take back control of their money, and helping them achieve their dreams. Stephen now shares his experience, education, and strategies through weekly webinar trainings, Live events, and working with clients one on one.

Alex Quezada

Alex Quezada is a well versed real estate entrepreneur who owns and manages his portfolio valued at over $48 million which consists of self storage, mobile home parks, multifamily, and single family homes as long and short term rentals.

Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner is a real estate professional that has focused on finding quality real estate based investments for clients for 15 years. With extensive experience concerning Self-Directed retirement accounts, he has helped over a thousand individuals and business owners generate wealth and take control of their futures using these vehicles. 

With nearly $100 million dollars personally raised for projects of all types, ranging from fix and flips to single family rentals to large scale developments, he has a keen eye for value and return on investment. 
Outside of work, Brandon volunteers his time at a local animal shelter and has a passion for spending time outdoors, having hiked the John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails.


Carson Herlean

Carson Herlean is bringing the energy and motivation to this crew of real estate leaders. He has been around real estate for years and is building his personal real estate portfolio. He is also working on his business degree from BYU-I.

Christian and Jeannette Fuentes

Christian and Jeannette Fuentes have worked together for over 17 years, been married for 15, and have two kids. They put family and God first and also their health before money. It’s this kind of positive, whole life attitude, along with their personal techniques and proven formula thatNhas made them a Top Producing RE/MAX team.

As a married team, Christian is a master salesman, on the ground selling and flipping houses and teaching people through example. Jeannette is a marketing, branding and operations expert with a hands-on approach. Together, they create a supportive environment with the tools to help you become successful to give you financial freedom and leave a legacy for your family.

Their Billionaires Club company has 300 agents in their office, who they teach how to create wealth. By this, creating the Top teams in the area, doing over a million dollars in sales, investing and flipping. They continue to grow while maintaining a positive, caring, family environment, teaching others what they know to help them become successful too. A lot of other brokers try to hold people back and want to keep their secrets because of the competitive nature of real estate, but the Fuentes don’t believe in scarcity — they believe if you surround yourself with success, you’ll become successful.